Please don’t follow me on instagram

Please don’t follow me on instagram

Actually, you can’t, because I’m not there.

But you found me!

Welcome to my mommy-hijabi not-very-fashionable fashion blog. Why am I doing this? Because I’m just a normal mom with a normal mom bod and a normal mom life. I also happen to be someone who wears a headscarf and likes fashion, like many women around the world. I’m going to share my normal everyday hijab “lewks” and my ultra-glamorous mom life – not necessarily as an antidote to “instagram hijabis.” Just because the world needs more normality right now. I don’t happen to think that I have amazing fashion sense, or an amazing body. I don’t wear makeup much but I collect it anyway. I probably buy too many clothes, too carelessly, and then don’t wear them often enough. Sometimes, being a mom, I barely get dressed at all. Sometimes I’d do just about anything to avoid putting on a bra and leaving the house. Sometimes my refusal to put on clothes and go out leaves me lonely and depressed for way too long. Probably clothes have too much control over my life. I suppose maybe I’m here to take control over my clothes?

I guess we’ll see what happens.

Here’s an outfit of the day to get us started. This is an old one: October, 2015. I had a two-year old and baby #2 was incoming.

What was I wearing?
My Neighbor Totoro sweatshirt from Hot Topic – $32 new
Knit skirt from Amazon -$18.69
Signature Scarf from Wrapunzel – $16.50

Total outfit value: around $70, not counting things like shoes and whatnot, which I don’t remember. (Hey, it was 2015!)

Things I love about this outfit: the way my belly and Totoro’s belly overlap. How warm it was. How nerdy I look.

Things I’d change: that skirt is super thin and clingy. I wish the sweatshirt were longer. There was NO hiding my pregnant behind in that getup. Maybe not the epitome of perfect hijab, but I hadn’t been Muslim very long then either.

My overall rating: 8/10. I was pretty happy. I looked decent. I think it showed.

What happened to this outfit? The scarf I resold in 2017. I wore all the rest of this until it started to scratch and pill. Then it went to a thrift store. It probably ended up in one of those clothing bales for recycling, though. At least, I hope it got recycled.

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