Disaster Shirt Is Disastrous

Hooo boy. This shirt. It’s just – really really low cut. Not so low cut that you can’t wrap a hijab but low cut enough that it’s at the back of the closet. We’re packing for vacation though so all my favorites are being “saved,” so weird white shirt had an outing.
You can see I had to pin it to ensure coverage. But even that wasn’t enough. Really the wind and my hijab were the points of failure, but shirt, you had ONE JOB.

Nope. Wind kicks up, hijab flips up, everybody knows what color bra I’m wearing. Worse than that time I wiped out on ice in the masjid parking lot and flashed the imam, y’all. (Just….don’t ask.)

Later, I ate spaghetti in this shirt.

I think it’s going in the rag bag to become a part of the rug I’ll be making this winter. It just doesn’t cut it.

What am I wearing?
Hijab from JabiBox $25 approximately.
Disaster Shirt from Amazon $17.99
Comfy Jeans from Amazon $15.99
Best shoes EVAH! from Amazon – camel – $99.99
Prescription sunglasses from Costco (like $300 and I TREASURE THEM)

Total: $458.97 but I’m gettting a lot of wear out of the higher ticket items, they were worth it.

What I like: comfort and airflow.
What I’d change: I feel like this top needed a belt, but IDK, maybe then I would have looked like a pirate? Arrrr. Also: maxi hijab, y’all. Maxi hijab. If you’re going to wear an iffy shirt, give yourself extra time to deal with a bigger scarf, don’t throw on the first piece of jersey you can reach because you were setting up a new blog and lost track of time and you have to pick up your son at camp NOW.

Bonus: four year old photobomber knows EXACTLY how cute he is.

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  1. I love your sense of humour.

    Kate from the Wraptastic group.

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