Vacation Kimono Find!

A town with REAL STORES and TAKEOUT? Whoo Hoo.

I live in the woods. The first day my son rode the bus home, the driver asked where he lived and he said “out in the woods.” So, really out in the woods. (We need to drill on addresses and phone numbers, I guess.)

So I don’t often get to wander off and roam a mall for an afternoon, but we spent two weeks in Bozeman, MT (home of my favorite masjid) and I managed to fit in some shopping and actually try some things on. This outfit is the result! It was great for hot weather, modest, AND I felt cute. Plus, dressy enough to wear to a show! Don’t mind the messy scarf, I was trying to keep it out of my noodles.

I especially enjoyed the faces of the downtown denizens who stumbled upon a random chubby Muslim woman sitting outside the stage door of the Rialto slamming down some Naked Noodle with a bunch of theatre folks. Subvert expectations, always. Don’t let your hijab keep you from living an interesting life!!!

What I’m wearing:

Harmony Headwraps custom mini-s shaper: $29.60
Shukr Modal Rib Jersey Maxi Hijab (natural, I think): $24.95
Maurices Metallic Floral Open Front Kimono: $39.00
Maurices Solid Long Sleeve Layering Tee in Pitted Olive: $20.00
Shukr Linen Comfort-Waist Trousers in Taupe: $69.95
L’Artiste Parkway Leather Ankle-Strap Sandals in Camel: $99 when I bought them.

Total: $282.50

What I like about this outfit: EVERYTHING.

What I dislike: I have this habit of buying “splurge” clothes and then they sit in the closet waiting for an occasion that is “good enough” for them. I haven’t worn that kimono and shirt again yet. For shame. Everything else in this picture I wear at least once a week if not more often! I think I’ll put this kimono on to pick up my daughter from daycare today.

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